Our volunteers commit to one to four hours a week to work in classrooms in elementary schools under the direction of a teacher.  The volunteer determines what day or day of the week they are available and after registering for a specific school, the school assigns the volunteer to a specific classroom.  The teacher in that classroom directs which children the volunteer is to work with and the materials to be used. Sometimes the volunteers work one on one and sometimes with a small group of children

Why do we use churches to recruit volunteers?

Because churches seek opportunites for their members of their congregation to serve others and because churches are natural gathering places for people in the community and have systems of communication with their parishoners, they are a natural community partner.

In addition, they usually have large parking lots that are safe for volunteers to park in during the week and take the bus to a, perhaps, not so safe or close school.

What Are Volunteers 
Required To Do? 


Who Are We Tutoring?



The schools that we focus on have a very high incidence of children coming from homes where no English is spoken.  90% of the children live in homes at the poverty level.  Their parents love them and work hard to provide for them but are unable to help them academically.  We provide an opportunity for the children to practice their English Language skills and improve their proficiency.

Why Is This Program 



All the research indicates that if a child is not reading at grade level by the third grade they will drop out of high school.  When they drop out they not only do not succeed they often get into trouble and sadly many times wind up in prison.  A former Chaplin is state and Federal prisons says “Indeed about 65% of the inmates learn to read in prison.  When we started in 2004 in the Coachella Valley the graduation rate was 51.1%.  In 2016 it was 86.1%.  We are part of the team that is responsible for improving language skills and helping more and more children have the opportunity for success.  Language barriers can be overcome and every child can have the opportunity to develop to their maximum capacity.

How Do Volunteers 
Learn What To Do?



A group orientation is provided in November and again in January at each school.  Training videos are available.  The volunteer basically either does choral reading with the child or small group …..you read a book aloud  together or the child reads to the volunteer.  The volunteer helps with pronunciation and comprehension.

Which Schools Need VolunteersAt This Time?



There are several Elementary schools that need volunteers at this time. All the schools we serve have room at the start of each new school year.  To get information on how you can volunteer, see the contact infor below.

Who Should I Contact For More 



Email Sherri DeBoer at readwithmesd@gmail.com. Or call 760-567-1830 and tell Sherri where you live and what school you would like to help.