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RWM Volunteers Assure Kids Christmas Dinner

Las Palmitas Elementary School kids are, in most cases, from poorer families who struggle to put food on the table… especially special holiday meals at Christmas.

For the past five years, Read With Me volunteers have raised thousands of dollars to provide our families with enough grocery money to put traditional Christmas meals on their tables.

For Christmas 2022, the fund-raising effort allowed us to distribute 110, $75 gift cards from the Vallarta Supermarket. Valharta was kind enough to offer a discount on each card.

The fundraiser was successful because not only did our active volunteers contribute, but so did their family and friends as well as inactive volunteers.

Las Palmitas teachers determined which families were most in need.

We estimate that the 110 cards went to families with 250 to 300 kids, so more than half of the students at Las Palmitas benefited.

Since 2019, the annual campaigns have purchased more than $30,000 in gift cards. 

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