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Read With Me Volunteer Pat Harris Nominated for Palm Desert Citizen of the Year

It is with great honor and enthusiasm that Read With Me Volunteer Programs, nominates Pat Harris for the esteemed title of Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the desert community. Pat's unwavering dedication to education, service, and philanthropy over the past 13 years has truly set her apart as a remarkable individual.

Pat's commitment to education shines through her devoted involvement with Read With Me Volunteer Programs. As a tutor and executive board member for the past 5 years, she has tirelessly worked to uplift students and provide them with the essential tools for success. Her impact extends beyond the classroom, as she selflessly organizes annual fundraisers at her home, directing the proceeds towards benefiting students in the Coachella Valley. Pat's compassion knows no bounds, as demonstrated by her heartfelt gesture of personally purchasing Christmas gifts for the 60 students she volunteers for, spreading joy during the holiday season.

Beyond her education-focused efforts, Pat's involvement in various nonprofit organizations highlights her dedication to the holistic development of the community. Her daily attendance at Sacred Heart for mass showcases her strong faith and commitment to spiritual growth. Pat's philanthropic spirit further extends to her engagement with numerous other nonprofit initiatives, exemplifying her belief in giving back and creating positive change.

Pat Harris is a shining example of selflessness, compassion, and tireless commitment to bettering the lives of those around her. Her impact on education, her community, and beyond is immeasurable and deserving of the highest recognition. As an advocate for positive change and a beacon of hope, Pat embodies the very essence of the Citizen of the Year award.

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